KGIA is proud to offer our students a variety of extra-curricular clubs and academic activities.

After-School Clubs 

Guitar Club

 Rose Circle
Rose is an acronym that stands for Respectful, Outstanding, Sisters of Excellence. Our motto is Pride, Purpose, and Practice Equal Success. This means we have pride in all we do. We define our purpose everyday and practice until we get it right. Our organization is about Helping our communities, Educating ourselves, Leading with grace, and Promoting Sisterhood. We stand for two colors. Purple and Pink. Purple stands for royalty and Pink stands for our sisterly bond. We believe that our mistakes teaches us lessons and that quitting is not an option. We deal with adversity with grace and dignity. Our integrity keeps us honest and our respect for each other strengthens our sisterhood. We are beautiful, strong, intelligent and classy young ladies! We are the Proud Sisters of ROSE!
Academic Activities 

Algebra Regents Preparation  
Tuesdays & Wednesday  3:10 pm